BARNSLEY East MP Stephanie Peacock grilled the government in Parliament last week.

She asked the Conservatives about their U-turn to reopen the Rough storage gas facility off the Yorkshire coast, which was originally closed in 2017.

She said: “This could be a vital resource during the energy crisis, when gas is in high demand.

“It’s yet another case of the Tories failing to grasp the extent of the crisis we are facing.

“As winter approaches, people in Barnsley East, and across the country, are worried about how they will pay their bills.

“We need action.

“The Labour Party would save the typical family £1,000 now, and get energy costs under control to tackle inflation.

“We have a fully-funded £29 billion plan, which would prevent energy prices from rising higher by implementing an extra tax on oil and gas giants, who are making eye-watering profits.

“Twelve years of Tory government has left us vulnerable.

“It’s time for change.

“Only Labour can provide the fresh start the UK needs.”