FOUR of Barnsley’s most well-known stars have been recruited to welcome residents to the Glass Works’ new Cineworld later this month.

David ‘Dai’ Bradley, known best for playing Billy Casper in Kes, sculptor Graham Ibbeson, award-winning author Joanna Harris and CBBC television presenter Lee Hinchcliffe will all be involved.

Cineworld say they are ‘honouring’ Barnsley’s legacy by putting the four artists at the front of its campaign.

The new cinema, dubbed as Barnsley Council’s marquee signing for the scheme, boasts 13 screens, offering the best technology on the market.

On Thursday, September 22, an outdoor festival will be hosted in honour of the cinema’s arrival.

Kicking off at 5pm in the Glass Works square, attendees can walk along a red carpet for an ‘array of fun activities’.