BARNSLEY FC players visited the National Coal Mining Museum last week.

The Reds learnt more about the town’s heritage as a mining town and were given a tour of the site, before being lowered 140 metres to experience the conditions directly on the coalface.

They learnt about the struggles coal miners suffered from working in poor, cramped and dusty conditions everyday.

Michael Duff, head coach of Barnsley FC, said: “We came to get an understanding of what the town is built on, essentially.

“The supporters that are watching us every week, the families, friends, what they have had to go through to be able to come to a game.

“It’s just to give a bit of an eye-opener to the players, that they do live privileged lives.

“If they are getting a little bit of stick it’s because the supporters, whether it’s recently or generations down the line, have had to fight pretty hard to get to where they are.”

Reds player, Jordan Williams, added: “It was good for some of the lads who are not from around here to get a closer look at what the town has been through in the past.

“It makes us a bit more humble about what we do as a job compared to what has gone on in the past.

“It has been a bit of team bonding as well - get away from football and do something a bit different.”