MORE than 400 burglaries in Goldthorpe over the last four years have led to no arrests or prosecution, shocking new figures have revealed.

Figures from a Freedom of Information request, obtained by the Chronicle, show a total of 411 burglary incidents led nowhere in the area between September 2019 and August 2022.

A further nine reports saw a suspect identified, but due to the victim not supporting police action nothing could be done.

Another 22 saw a suspect identified but the case was dropped due to evidence, whilst 16 incidents did not find a suspect and the victim refused to continue the case.

Only 23 cases 4.7 per cent saw some type of action taken.

In 19 incidents there was a charge or summons, whilst in two instances there was a charge for an alternative offence.

Another two cases saw an adult caution handed out to the burglar.

It was revealed last month that Goldthorpe residents were more at risk from burglars than in any other neighbourhood in the county.

Shock figures from police neighbourhood crime revealed for every 1,000 residents living in the area, there were around 30 burglaries the highest rate in Yorkshire, and the second highest in England and Wales.

Since September 2019, there has been a total of 486 burglary incidents reported to the force in Goldthorpe meaning almost 85 per cent of all crimes recorded led to no arrest or prosecution.

In the first four months of this year there were 92 incidents submitted to the police almost the same number as throughout the entirety of 2020.

Lockdown has led to a clear spike in cases, with more than 390 reports since August 2020.

South Yorkshire Police has said they have now seen a reduction in the number of burglaries in the area after prioritising resources to get the issue under control.

A force spokesperson said: “Our data shows that Goldthorpe has been one of several areas across the force that can experience a higher level of serious acquisitive crime.

“However, it’s important to note that the number of reported burglaries can vary significantly from month-to-month, with sometimes only one burglary reported in a month and in the last few months, we have seen a noticeable reduction in burglaries reported in Goldthorpe.

“One burglary is still one too many though, and Goldthorpe is a priority location for enhanced resourcing to tackle this crime.

“The community regularly receives additional patrols to provide a policing presence and act as a visible deterrent.

“Some locals may have noticed that there are signs on lampposts referring to Operation Shield.

“This is a targeted burglary initiative that involves officers visiting homes and businesses delivering SmartWater, a high-tech liquid that is used to forensically mark valuables.

“We know that SmartWater offers a lot of reassurance to communities, as it makes your property, and those who steal it, much easier to trace.

“It’s a strong deterrent to thieves as the liquid stains for weeks on hair and skin, even longer on clothing and footwear.”