KHALED El-Ahmad rates his first year as Barnsley chief executive as ‘average’ and believes this current season is what he should be fairly judged on.

The Swede took over in mid-September last year, after a transfer window overseen by acting chief executive Paul Conway in which a series of failed signings and staff appointments were made.

El-Ahmad oversaw the sacking of Markus Schopp and his replacement Poya Asbaghi, whom he appointed, during one of the worst seasons in the club’s history as they finished last in the Championship with just six wins.

He has since appointed Michael Duff who has led the Reds into the top six in League One after 13 games.

El-Ahmad told the Chronicle: “I think this will be the season I get judged on.

“I believe we have made a lot of small correct decisions – the pre-season planning and friendlies, the hire of the manager, signings. If we don’t get promoted, people will say it’s a poor season. If we do, people will say ‘what a great season’.

“I have always said what I get judged on is what the board thinks of me and my colleagues.”

Asked to assess his first year in general, Khaled said: “There have been many good things, many tough decisions that I am proud I took. It is always a collaborative effort with every decision and always a good intention behind it.

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“When we made mistakes, we have learned, adapted and moved forward.

“But ultimately I would say it’s an average first year because we didn’t stay in the Championship. I could point to the summer before I arrived and appointments and a poor pre-season.

“But when I came in I wanted to stay up and we didn’t. This season, we have started off well and want to get better on and off the field.”

How much do the decisions made the previous summer still impact the Reds?

“Outside of some contractual obligations, we don’t look back.

“I don’t see why we would.

“There is a new energy and I hope everyone would focus on that together.

“Historically we have our ups and downs, like the stock market.

“Sometimes you drop, but that’s the time you hopefully can reassess and move forward.”