WHEN Karen Hudson started working at Cawthorne School, she had to get a portable typewriter out of a cupboard if she needed to send a letter.

Thirty years on, that’s just one of a huge number of changes the school’s business manager has seen.

“It really has passed in the blink of an eye,” said Karen.

“There have been so many changes to the school and in my job but I have loved every minute of it.

“The school has seen a lot of improvements and it has grown considerably. It is lovely to see how loved the school is within the community. It is a very special place with a wonderful team which is caring and supportive to everyone within the school.

“We call ourselves the Cawthorne family and that really is how it is.”

A special surprise assembly was held in school on Wednesday morning to mark the mum’s three decades of dedication.

“It was a total surprise and something that was very special and appreciated. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have worked here for 30 years.”

Headteacher Adam Bramall said: “Karen is indispensable in her role. She works extremely hard to ensure that our small school is financially secure and offers best value for money alongside many other roles and responsibilities.

“The fact that she has been in post for so long is a testament to her amazing ability, knowledge and understanding.

“Karen is an amazing woman, who genuinely cares about the school, the children, the staff and the parents. She works tirelessly and without ceremony to do the best job she possibly can.

“Cawthorne would not be the same school without her. She has no intention of retiring although I would not allow her to.”