WOMEN in Barnsley will have to work 13 months to earn what men do in a year, new figures have revealed.

Office for National Statistics estimates show full-time female workers in Barnsley earned an average of £15.57 per hour in April.

It’s a 10.1 per cent gap to their male peers who earned £17.32.

It means that by the end of the year, women will have effectively worked without pay since November 25.

The gender pay gap is the estimated difference between the average hourly wage for men and women across all jobs and is different from the concept of equal pay, which means men and women doing the same job must be paid the same.

For part-time workers across the country, the gender pay gap was 0.2 per cent last year, while in Barnsley, men earned 2.6 per cent more than women in part-time roles.