CHRISTMAS dinner with all the trimmings will be served to elderly residents thanks to a sports academy.

Last year the Grassroots Sports Academy’s event welcomed 27 people from the community who were lonely and wished to spend some time with others over the Christmas period.

This year, Grassroots expanded the event and now have two venues - Manor Court, on West End Avenue in Royston, and Darfield Road Community Centre in Cudworth.

Christopher Newton, the owner of Grassroots, told the Chronicle: “As a business, we want to give back to the local community - if people are in need we always do what we can to help.

“We’ve done mental health boot camps that have had such a great impact on those taking part and at the Christmas dinner event we spend the day chauffeuring those to and from their home who need it, provide products in gift boxes to keep the elderly warm and active.

“We’ve included heat pads, sudoku books, magazines - anything to keep them busy and comfortable.”

If you would like to attend, know someone that would or would like to donate, you can get in touch through their Facebook page, ‘Grassroots Sports Academy Barnsley’.