A WOMAN who had a heart attack whilst walking her daughter’s dog has thanked ‘life-saving’ hospital staff and locals who managed to keep her alive.

Susan Thawley, 72, was looking after her daughter’s dog whilst she was in holiday in Borneo - but she never expected to have a heart attack whilst walking it in Wilthorpe Park.

In fact, after recently suffering with the coronavirus, she just thought she had long Covid - a syndrome which sees the virus’ symptoms last longer than expected.

Susan told the Chronicle: “My daughter was away on holiday in Borneo and so I was looking after her dog.

“I walked it to Wilthorpe Park and sat on a bench but I just couldn’t get up.

“Three ladies - named Margaret, Rosanne and Pat - realised what was going on and came to help me.

“One of them went to her car and the other two helped me get there.

“I got to A and E at Barnsley Hospital which is when I was told I had had a heart attack.

“I couldn’t believe it as nothing like this has ever happened before - I thought it was just long Covid.”

It only took two hours from when Susan was taken to Barnsley Hospital to the moment a stent was fitted - essentially saving her life in almost an instant.

“Throughout the whole episode, coming into A and E at Barnsley to being blue lighted to Sheffield and then a stent being fitted, it only took two hours,” she added.

“Because of the quickness, I managed to get away from it with very little damage.

“I just wanted to say thank you to all those people who helped me.

“I had to keep taking the dog to the park but if I hadn’t and I was still at home then nobody would have found me.

“The dog, the ladies at the park and the hospital staff really are all life savers.”

Whilst Susan was in hospital, she still had to find a place for her daughter’s dog to stay - and a journey to help managed to travel the entire world.

“Because the dog was with one of the ladies, I had to get in touch with someone to help pick it up,” she added.

“I got in touch with my granddaughter who was in Australia and told her to arrange someone to look after him.

“She then rang my daughter in Borneo who got in touch with my sister who lives on the south coast.

“She managed to collect the dog - it was a huge effort.”

If you were one of the people who helped save Susan’s life, get in touch on 734262 or email jacktolson@barnsley-chronicle.co.uk.