DARFIELD residents have been left angered this week by a ‘pre-meditated attack on the Darfield community’ through the continuous battle with quad bikes.

The greenery, located at the top of Snape Hill Road, has been wrecked by quad bikes.

Remnants of grass and mud have been transferred to surrounding paths - as a consequence the walkway is now slippery and poses a risk to residents, in particular the elderly.

Coun Trevor Smith told the Chronicle: “This is a pre-meditated attack on the Darfield community - there were plans for a Christmas tree there next year and people know that.

“They are designed to harm the community at a time when we are pulling ourselves out of the Brexit and Covid era.

“We have made big steps for Darfield in the next year with great plans to come but we need to remove this hurt aimed at damaging Darfield.”

Coun Kevin Osborne added: “This does nothing to enhance the reputation of legitimate legal ‘off-road bikers’ and quad riders - it is such a pity that some people get their kicks out of behaving this way.”