AROUND one in five Barnsley residents were working from home last year, according to Census data.

Office for National Statistics data shows that 20 per cent of residents mainly worked from home, whilst 59 per cent of people travelled to work by car or van.

The data also shows that 56 per cent of residents aged 16 and older were economically active - just below the country’s overall rate of 57 per cent.

A further three per cent were active but in search of work.

Of the 41 per cent who were inactive, 58 per cent were retired.

The largest proportion of those working and aged 16 and older in Barnsley were employed in retail trade, 14 per cent, followed by construction and civil engineering, 12 per cent.

About 71 per cent worked full-time for more than 30 hours a week, including 10 per cent who worked 49 hours or more.