COUNCIL tax will ‘inevitably’ go up in Barnsley next year according to the leader of the council - though he says the money is being well spent.

At Wednesday’s cabinet meeting, councillors heard how the town’s adult social care strategy had been a success - with Barnsley topping the charts nationally for overall satisfaction with the care and support they provide.

Leader of the council Sir Steve Houghton said: “Over the last few years, top tier authorities have had to increase their council taxes in order to pay for social care.

“It’s not something we want to do because my view was, and still is, that it should come from the centre.

“But nonetheless that’s happened and it’s going to happen again next year with the government putting another two per cent on people’s bills which we will inevitably have to do in Barnsley in order to make sure our older people are getting the service they need.

“Tax payers are always looking for value for money and we can certainly say that money in Barnsley has been spent appropriately.”