A DARFIELD man, now living in China, has been awarded a trophy from the International Olympic Committee at their Golden Rings Awards 2022.

Nathan Williams works for the China Daily newspaper but, independently, decided to make an unofficial music video with British songwriter Bill Neenan, for the Olympics.

In late 2021, Bill approached Nathan to help shoot and direct a music video for his song ‘Jia You’.

With a shoestring budget of 50RMB - equivalent of about £10 - for props, Nathan and Scotland-born cinematographer Morag Hobbs set about making a home-made music video to bring the spirit of the song to life.

A short ‘making-of’ documentary followed that explained the inspiration of the song and why Jia You was such an important message of international cooperation and Olympic values.

Bill said: “Jia You is a term I’ve heard a lot since living China and to me it means, come on let’s get things moving and let’s win.

“That was the idea behind writing a bilingual song that was danceable, full of enthusiasm and linked to the new Olympics.

“It’s an incredible honour to win something that recognises the international ethos of what the Olympics represents - celebrating China Daily’s coverage of the Olympics is a great reminder of the values of excellence that is shared around the world and unites us all.”

Nathan, aged 36, is currently back in Barnsley for the first time in three years after moving to China in 2017.

“The last time I lived in Barnsley was 2017, but it’s been three years since I could return home because of China’s zero-Covid policy.

“I’m from Darfield, that’s where my parents live, I have a twin sister in Barnsley too, Danielle Grace Williams. She was on ‘I Can See Your Voice’ last Christmas.”

Nathan went to Foulstone High School and actually moved to China to join a Kung Fu Academy.

“I loved being in China so much - I wanted to just change everything and applied for a job at a newspaper in Beijing, and that’s how I ended up living in Beijing.

“I’m back in Barnsley until February as I wanted an extended time at home to make up for being away for three years.

“Barnsley has changed so much, I’m checking out the Glass Works this week and seeing Avatar with an old school mate.

“I’ve yet to try a proper night out in ‘tarn’ but it’s on the list.”