A MAN was seen walking away in flames after setting fire to a car in the town centre in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Yasmin Senior, 28, had just given birth to her only son, Creed, ten days earlier when arsonists set her car alight for the second time in less than a year.

She told the Chronicle she was ‘petrified’ having being woken up by the neighbours at around 1.20am.

“I was in bed and my mum, Michelle, was just bringing up my son,” she said.

“My neighbour started knocking on the door and shouting that the car was on fire and so I rang the fire brigade in a panic.

“By this point it had caught on to next door’s car and was starting to spread to the fence.

“My mum had to go out and chuck water onto it to stop it from spreading.

“When the fire brigade turned up they put the fire out and then left - they never even spoke to me or offered any help.

“I stayed up all night with my son in my arms - I was scared to go back to sleep in case they came back.”

The lasting effects of the night are still haunting Yasmin and her family.

“I was absolutely terrified,” she added. “I was just screaming on the phone to the fire brigade.

“It’s put all our lives at risk - my ten-day-old son was in the room and the windows could have gone through.

“I still haven’t left the house as I’m scared with what might happen.

“We’re scared to leave at night and we just don’t feel safe.”

It’s the second time in the last eight months that Yasmin has been targeted by arsonists - but after the birth of her first child she’s now more vulnerable than ever.

“I’m self-employed and on maternity leave,” she said.

“My ten-day-old baby’s pram and brand new things were all in there. They’re all ruined now because of the smoke damage.

“I’ve spent every last penny on the things that were in the car and now they’re gone.

“This also happened to us in June so they’ve managed to get away with it twice now.

“The cars are still sat outside the house burnt out because no one has come to pick them up.”

South Yorkshire Police have launched an investigation into the matter, and Yasmin said the culprit was seen walking up the street in flames.

“The person who set the car on fire was seen walking up the road in flames as he managed to catch on fire,” she added.

“There must be some lasting damage on him.”

A fundraiser has been set up for Yasmin and her family to help them purchase some of the items lost in the fire.

It can be found on the Barnsley Chronicle website and it’s already raised almost £500.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police told the Chronicle: “We received a report around 1.20am on Sunday, January 8 of a car on fire on Sunderland Terrace, Barnsley.

“It is believed the fire was started deliberately and spread to another car on the road.

“Officers are continuing with their enquiries.

“Anybody with information that could help the investigation should call police on 101 quoting incident number 68 of January 8.”