A CONCERNED horse rider is fighting for improvements to be made to bridleways in the borough.

Julie Fields - who has owned horses for 30 years - wants the council to listen to her concerns in a desperate plea to help horse riders feel safer on the roads.

For the last six months, Julie has been fighting an ongoing battle with Barnsley Council after having her ‘worries dismissed’.

She told the Chronicle: “The Highway Code changed in January, but most drivers are unaware because there aren’t any road signs up.

“Drivers need to take more caution, but they don’t.

“It’s getting to the point where I feel unsafe when I’m out riding.”

Julie has sent multiple emails to councillors and has attended local parish council meetings.

Julie added: “Some councillors I’ve spoken to have been really supportive and have gave me really good advice, but equally, some of them haven’t even responded to my emails.

“The support I’ve had from MP Stephanie Peacock has been fantastic - we are having regular meetings with her.

“But we do need more support as we have to raise £500 to fund the road safety signs and we can’t afford that at the minute.

“As well as the signs, I’ve also been fighting for more bridleways, because there’s simply not enough at the moment, but that’s another battle I seem to be losing.

“There isn’t one road safety sign on Engine Lane going towards Grimethorpe.

“All I want is some commitment from the council.

“Is it going to take someone getting killed on the roads for them to do something for us?”