A RETAIL giant - which dramatically shelved its bid to build a new supermarket at the last minute - has re-submitted its plan to Barnsley Council.

Lidl lodged its bid for a new store on Sheffield Road, off Birdwell roundabout, with a proposed new access off Cross Keys Lane before withdrawing the application before a planning meeting scheduled for December last year.

The Chronicle understands the German firm decided to delay the scheme due to concerns received from highways officers, which has resulted in Lidl moving the potential store further along Cross Keys Lane.

The main concerns raised around the development saw traffic generation on the already-busy road network, as well as there already been sufficient retail provision due to an Aldi, Morrisons, Co-op and Tesco all within a short distance of the site.

Residents also raised concerns about noise, disturbance and air pollution from delivery lorries; loss of greenspace, impact on house prices and possible impact on the Cross Keys pub.

Planning bosses had earmarked the original bid for refusal before Lidl withdrew and the meeting was then cancelled.

A Lidl spokesperson said: “An application was initially submitted in February 2022 for the erection of a foodstore with associated access, car parking and landscaping.

“Following comments received from Barnsley Council’s highways department, National Highways and the Environmental Health officer, the scheme was amended.

“The amendment included the updating of the site access to be located further along Cross Keys Lane, closer to the southern elevation of the store.

“The landscaping scheme was also subsequently amended following the changes to the site access with additional tree planting proposed at the site entrance as well as the provision of a greater volume of shrubs along the sites borders.

“Access amendments also led to a revision to the car parking layout.”

A perceived lack of financial contribution towards improving the local area was also flagged up by council planners, and the new application reveals six greenspaces - Rockingham Sports Ground, Parkside Road, King George Fields, Milton Forge, Birdwell Recreation Ground and Clough Fields - could receive improvement work.

As part of the car park changes, 11 standard 7kW electric vehicle charging points will be ditched in favour of two faster-charging 50kW units.

“Through analysis of the previous application, we have demonstrated that all previously outstanding matters and reasons for refusal have been dealt with and that the proposed development is acceptable,” the spokesperson added.

“The supporting information has also demonstrated that there are no other material considerations which preclude development and that, on balance, the planning application should be approved.”

Coun Chris Lamb, who represents the ward, said: “It is on public record that I submitted an objection to the original plans expressing a number of concerns.

“Our objections were based on valid reasons for refusal, including highway safety, congestion, pollution - both noise and light - and residential amenity, given the proximity of the site to the rear of the existing properties on Regent Court.”