FUNDING has been secured to help tackle off-road bikes and quads which have torn up a playing field.

Cash - which comes from Section 106 money gained from housing developers - has been granted to install a fence along the Holgate Mount entrance to Cromwell Mount Playing Fields at Ward Green.

The area has been blighted by off-road bikes and quads according to Coun Jake Lodge, resulting in significant damage to the playing field and causing anger to residents in the area.

Coun Lodge said: “I’m delighted to have helped secure funding for this fence, which will have a massively positive impact on the area.

“However, I’ll not be complacent, and I know of other areas which are being blighted by off-road bikes and quads.

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“I’ve regularly raised this with our neighbourhood policing team and I’m looking forward to seeing what action can be taken by the relevant authorities.’’