VOLUNTEERS who have been turning Monk Bretton Park into a haven for the last 16 years may be forced to stop if they can’t find more helpers.

The Friends of Monk Bretton Park group was formed in 2007 after the area was constantly in an ‘appalling state’.

However, over the last decade or so volunteers have teamed together to make the park a safer place.

But a mix of age, infirmity and other commitments could prevent them doing what they love.

An urgent plea has been made by 89-year-old June Rolfe for more volunteers to step up - or they’ll be forced to disband the group at their annual general meeting in May.

June told the Chronicle: “When we started off in 2007 the park was an absolute mess.

“You couldn’t even tell that the pond was there.

“At one point we had ten members who worked hard to get grants for a number of things.

“Unfortunately we are all getting older - I’ll be celebrating my 90th birthday in June.

“We’ve only got around four working members really and we just can’t cope with it at the minute.”

Three people have already come forward to help this week - but June admits they’ll need more if they’re to sustain the park.

“If we can’t get enough members then I’m afraid that at the AGM in May we will have to disband,” she added.

“The park will then go back to what it was like before.

“I live in the house beside it and it really was a mess.

“I dreaded what was going on there.

“I would be appalled if it was to go back to the state it was in.”

If you want to get involved and to help, call June on 281372.