JUNIOR doctors at Barnsley Hospital will strike for four days next week - and bosses expect there to be a number of cancelled appointments as a result.

The British Medical Association have announced that junior doctors will strike from 7am on Tuesday until 7am on Saturday.

This is four days of strikes coming immediately after a four-day bank holiday weekend.

A hospital spokesperson said the strike is set to have a great impact on the site.

“The days leading into and immediately after bank holiday weekends are already challenging for the NHS, Barnsley Hospital being no exception,” they added.

“These strikes also come at a time when high levels of staff are on annual leave due to school Easter holidays.

“Previous industrial action by junior doctors over three days saw 175,000 hospital appointments disrupted nationwide.

“As these strikes are over a longer period we would expect a greater number of appointments to be impacted.

“Junior doctors make around half of all doctors in the NHS.

“This industrial action will have a significant impact on hospital services.

“Hospital teams have been working hard to minimise the impact, but some procedures will regrettably be cancelled as a result.”