YOUNGSTERS at Barnsley Hospital received a generous donation thanks to the fundraising of a young girl who wanted to ‘give something back’ to the site last week.

Lilly Goodall, eight, embarked on her first fundraiser for the hospital at Christmas after her younger sister, Elsie, spent time in the children’s ward as a youngster.

She donated a number of selection boxes and Christmas chocolate to kids on the ward to give something back.

This Easter, she decided she wanted to go one further.

Her mum, Vicky Goodall, told the Chronicle: “Her little sister was in and out of Barnsley Hospital when she was younger - that’s why she wanted to give something back to them.

“She decided she would do a sponsored walk to raise money for the children’s ward.

“She raised a total of £360 by doing a six-mile sponsored walk on April 1.

“She then decided she wanted to go around all the local shops and supermarkets and ask for Easter eggs.

“We went and managed to get 112 eggs donated for the kids there.

“We both went down to the site last week - I was dressed as the Easter bunny and she was dressed as Alice in Wonderland - and we handed out the eggs.

“It’s just so nice that she wanted to help out off her own back.”