A HISTORIAN and filmmaker - who’s been making local history documentaries professionally for over two years - will host a series of ‘Healthy Heritage Walks’ having received funding from a Sheffield charity.

Joshua Daniels, 26, from Rotherham, received funding from Harry Bottom Charitable Trust to design, advertise and deliver six heritage walks across Barnsley, Wentworth and Sheffield.

“I’m doing one walk in Elsecar, one around the town centre, one for the children at Locke Park, two in Sheffield and one in Wentworth,” Joshua said.

“The walk around the town will be a guided tour by me, and I will share my findings and talk about some local heritage.”

In January, Joshua hosted a charity film event at Elsecar Parish Church Hall where he released one documentary on the Thorncliffe-Elsecar Tramway and another on the Wentworth churches.

He added: “I’ve been into filmmaking since I was really young - my grandad was the one who got me into it, and it’s fascinated me ever since.

“I want history to be accessible to everyone, I want to raise as much awareness as I possibly can about the history that has been hidden and or forgotten for so many years, hopefully these walks will shed light on some of that.”

The walk around the town centre will take place on Saturday, June 3 and those who wish to attend can meet outside the town hall.