A MUSICIAN raised in Barnsley is making a big noise Down Under.

Worsbrough performer Jake Johnson left for Australia in 2016 and is now a citizen on the Gold Coast.

He had played in bands locally in South Yorkshire but after living the travelling lifestyle around Australia has got back into music under the stage name Burning Jacobs Ladder.

His new song is an emotional one and called Fickle Bones.

He said: “It wasn’t intentional but I ended up staying in Australia and I am now a citizen.

“Music took a backstep while I travelled and got set up out here.

“The song is essentially the helpless dialogue between a young man and a child.

“It’s the emotional burden people carry on their shoulders from past experiences, it’s becoming numb to extremes, emotional detachment and living a life for someone else when they can’t.”

It’s been a big effort to complete the song for the former The Harringtons guitarist, who has painstakingly put it all together himself.

He said: “I wrote the song over two years ago but Covid stopped me finishing and releasing it.

“I play and record all parts myself and have done for all my recent music. It has its problems but I like working that way.”