THE family of a young man who was given a shock cancer diagnosis last month have put out another appeal for donations.

Nathan Wilkinson, 21, from Mapplewell, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia at Barnsley Hospital in April, after showing ‘no real sign of illness’ before the cancer quickly spread.

Earlier this month, an emotional plea for blood, platelets and bone marrow was made by his family, after a number of transfusions have already helped save his life.

His auntie, Rachel Booth, set up a fundraiser for Blood Cancer UK, which, so far, has raised just over £2,000.

She told the Chronicle the second appeal came after Nathan’s grandad who he has lived with since he was six was diagnosed with dementia.

“Nathan is now on week six at Royal Hallamshire in Sheffield and will be looking at at least 12 months of treatment,” she said.

“We’re hoping he’ll be able to come home between treatments but we need to completely remodel his bedroom so it’s safe for him.

“The chemotherapy he’s currently receiving has lowered his immune system which means he’s more prone to catching infections.

“What could be a simple cold to us could potentially be life threatening for him.

“The house needs to be as sterile as possible.

“A double sofa bed will enable his bedroom to be less hospital like.

“A wardrobe, chest of drawers and a bed-side cabinet would be great.

“The effects of his treatment will have long-lasting effects and we need to ensure his return home is a safe one.”