A CONCERNED horse rider is fighting for improvements to be made to allow others to feel safe when on the roads.

Sarah Green - who has a yard in Cawthorne - wants South Yorkshire Police to set up a speed awareness ride to combat dangerous drivers and the impact it can have with spooking horses.

She told the Chronicle that even when she wears bright clothing, some drivers take no notice and drive with little to no consideration.

“Some drivers get very close very quickly and then turn abusive which just adds to the anxiety,” she said.

“I’m part of a speed awareness group on Facebook with other horse riders - there’s quite a few of us who are looking at asking the police if we could take part in a speed awareness ride that happens across the country.

“I always wear high-vis and bright clothing and I’m always polite to the drivers who do take notice of us and drive past carefully, but there aren’t many.”