We’ve started to re-watch all the T.V programmes that I absolutely loved, one of them is ‘Escape to The Chateau.’ Oh, my good lord! I am totally obsessed with it. Now, for those of you who haven’t watched it, let me quickly explain. So, it’s a TV series following the lives of Dick Strawbridge who is an engineer, his designer wife Angel, their two children and Angel’s parents.

It begins with Dick and Angel buying a very run down chateau in France. It shows how they have started to rebuild and refurbish the chateau to provide a home and a wedding and events venue. I actually feel a very strong connection to Angel.

I mean I could easily swanny about with my hair up and a flowing long dressing gown on. (I do actually own one you know so I feel that I’m tuned in,) I watch everything she does, from creating wall coverings to flower displays and as for Dick, well I swear there is nothing that this guy can’t do, you name it and he can mend it and if he can’t mend it, then he will just re make it.

So back to Myself and my good hubby. There I am taking notice of everything she does. I make reassuring noises of OOOh and mmmm I throw in the occasional remark of “I could do that.” Or “You could do that”. So, there I was really getting into this Escape to the Chateau thing when I just happened to mention to Pete that maybe he could start to call me Angel, and I’d call him Dick. Now when he didn’t answer me, I thought that he hadn’t heard me. I never thought for one minute that he was actually ignoring me! So, I repeated it, as you would. “You could call me Angel”, I said louder “and I’ll call you Dick.” I think the look on his face said it all to be perfectly honest. So, I just went back to watching the programme. Well, honestly some people are sooo moody.

I remembered a time when I first started watching Escape to The Chateau. One day, I remember I was in the garden as it happens. All I did was shout up from the front garden to the back garden for help to move a plant pot. I tell you no lies, he was like a wild uncaged animal. Talk about having a strop on.

All I did was shout “Dick! Dick! Can yer give me a hand please?” No answer. So, I shouted a bit louder. “Dick! Dick!” well. He came marching down the side of the house, I could tell by the look on his face that something had upset him. He looked like he’d chewed a wasp. “WILL YOU NOT CALL ME DICK” he said. “But” I started “I’m Angel and you’re my…” talk about being cut off. “NO! No! No!” he shouted. “Stop shouting up the bloody garden DICK! DICK!” “Oh dear.” I said, “Is Dick having a bad day?” “NO! Dick is not having a bad day!” he snapped. And as I watched him strop back down the garden, I couldn’t help shaking my head and saying. “Well Angel, Mr Strawbridge would never behave like that.” Although I did say it quietly. Maybe this time around I should stay silent. Don’t want to upset anyone now do I?