WORKING nine to five has never really appealed to Dolly Parton tribute act Adele Foster but a recent change in the way Facebook runs may leave her with little choice...

The 54-year-old from Little Houghton has been a professional singer since 18 and just under a decade ago she decided to take on the role as a Dolly Parton tribute act.

She said it’s now 99 per cent of the work she receives and has even performed in front of 15,000 people at Hull Pride under her alias.

But it’s all been thrown up in the air after Facebook deleted her account due to new guidelines stating no-one will be allowed to pretend to be someone well-known without their permission.

Adele told the Chronicle: “It’s not as though I’m pretending to be Dolly Parton.

“I’m just paying tribute to her because she’s a wonderful performer.

“For them to take the page down I’m just so shocked because I haven’t done anything.

“Where am I supposed to advertise what I’m doing now?

“It’s not even necessarily the money I do a lot of things for charity so now they’re going to be missing out.”

Violating the community standards puts any tribute act or professional impersonator using Facebook or Instagram at risk of being banned from the platform.