EXTORTIONATE petrol prices across Barnsley are finally set to be cut after the government agreed to drastic measures to stop fuel stations profiteering.

Petrol prices across the borough have been regularly higher than other neighbouring towns and cities since the pandemic.

At one point in February, the Morrisons store on Westway saw the price for a litre of unleaded petrol at 147.7p per litre - only 30 miles away in Manchester the price was 16p cheaper per litre.

However, following a review into the circumstances by the Competition and Market Authority, the government will now stop allowing supermarkets to unfairly charge residents.

Increased supermarket profit margins led to drivers paying an extra 6p per litre for fuel last year, the investigation found.

Asda has also been fined £60,000 for a failure to provide information when required, the CMA has said.

It also determined that competition has ‘weakened’ as Asda and Morrisons decided to increase the amount of money it makes on fuel and Sainsbury’s and Tesco have priced by comparison to local competitors rather than responding to cost movements in the market.

Barnsley East MP Stephanie Peacock has praised the new measures, which include a new proposed fuel monitoring body, but said the government has waited far too long.

“People are struggling with the cost of living, especially the cost of fuel,” she said.

“For too long the government have been slow to act and retailers have failed to pass on savings as the price of oil has fallen.

“This announcement that the government have accepted the Competition and Market Authority’s recommendations to stop allowing fuel stations to unfairly charge more for fuel is welcome, but government action has been too slow.”

Ms Peacock has subsequently written to petrol providers across her constituency, asking them to lower the prices to ensure that residents are able to get out of poverty.

Figures show that around 4,000 homes in Ms Peacock’s constituency are in fuel poverty.

“I’ve noticed that prices in Barnsley have regularly been higher than neighbouring areas such as Wakefield and Kirklees, so I have written to petrol providers in Barnsley East to ask them when they will be putting in place the recommendations.

“I have also highlighted the premium that seems to be paid by motorists in Barnsley and asked them to lower the prices in line with neighbouring areas.

“I hope fuel stations will do the right thing and keep prices as low as possible for local people.”