MINDLESS vandals glued the locks shut at Hoyland Market this week prompting the area’s councillors to hit out against those responsible.

All of the locks at Hoyland Market have been filled with expanding foam, that has then solidified and clogged up the locks.

This includes the toilet, electric plant room and all the padlocks that fasten back the stallboards.

Hoyland Market was able to operate as normal this week as the stallholders who trade from the stallboards fortunately had their own tables and used these within the frame of their stall.

The other stallholders are freestanding.

Coun Tim Shepherd told the Chronicle: “It is both annoying and frustrating to have to deal with this type of vandalism.

“Clearly a small minority is determined to ruin our community with frankly childish pranks such as this.

“Everyone suffers - the stallholders, the customers and residents, and of course the repairs have to be paid for.

“If the culprits can be identified I’ll be calling for the strong possible action to be taken.

“Hoyland is and will be better than this.”