THE Mayor of Barnsley joined the ‘Top o’Doderth Bottom Club’ this week to celebrate their first birthday.

The club meet every Tuesday in the Dodworth Miners’ Welfare, in a bid to raise funds for Barnsley Hospice.

On Tuesday, the Mayor of Barnsley Coun Mick Stowe joined the group to celebrate a year since they were first founded - and to thank them for raising £6,000 in that time.

Judy Holling, an avid fundraiser and a member of the group, said: “The people who come to the club are like your grandad and nannan.

“Around 80 per cent of them don’t have anyone else and these people just could to socialise, get involved and have a good time.

“It’s our first birthday this week and we’ve raised more than £6,000 for Barnsley Hospice in that time.

“It’s the Mayor of Barnsley’s chosen charity for this year too so it’s good to get him down.

“We never thought that we’d ever raise this much money when we started.”