HARD-WORKING Ian Goldthorpe is finally stepping down from his many jobs on Oxspring Parish Council at the ripe-old age of 87...

He’s been a stalwart of the council for almost three decades, serving as a member and chairman as well as the handiest of handymen always the first to lend a hand with any maintenance and village tidying tasks.

Chair Ann Walker told the Chronicle: “Ian joined the parish council in 1995 and prior to this, he was often referred to as ‘Strimmer Man’ by people who did not know his name.

“This was down to the fact that he was regularly to be found in the village, strimming the grass verges.

“If anything practical needed doing Ian was always there, and with Bill Taylor, another long serving member of the council, he was responsible for the Parish Boundary plates, the village green and play area fencing and the car park at Castle Green along with numerous other amenities to support the community of Oxspring.

“He is such a lovely man. We’re all devastated he’s leaving. He certainly helped change the face of Oxspring over the years.”

Ian told the Chronicle his proudest achievement was helping create a children’s play area in the village.

He added: “It was back in 2000, there were a lot of new houses being built in Oxspring so we ended up getting money to put together a play area for the kids.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time. But I’m 87 now, I’ve got past it...”