A RECENTLY-ELECTED councillor has urged residents to stay away from an unsafe derelict building in his ward.

Coun Paul Murray, who was elected as a Labour councillor for Stairfoot in May, said he has witnessed children and youngsters playing on the site on Yews Lane, Kendray.

It has also been the target of fly-tipping, vandalism and antisocial behaviour for a number of years.

Barnsley Council appears to be aware of the dangerous state the building, having placed warning tape nearby but Coun Murray has asked Barnsley Council’s community safety team to consider a more secure method to keep young people away.

He said: “This building has become a magnet for young people but they are seemingly oblivious to the clear and present dangers a derelict building such as this creates - it’s a miracle that someone hasn’t been hurt before now.

“I have asked that temporary fencing is considered to secure the premises and that the current owner be contacted to make the site safe and secure on a more permanent basis.”