Barnsley scored a 98th-minute leveller but lost on penalties to League Two Tranmere Rovers in the EFL Cup first round at Oakwell on Tuesday evening.

The visitors took the lead but Herbie Kane levelled in first half stoppage time, only for Rovers to net again just after the break.

Aiden Marsh netted the last-gasp equaliser but he and Jack Shepherd missed in a 7-6 shoot-out loss.

Barnsley made seven changes from the starting 11 from the 7-0 win over Port Vale in League One on Saturday.

Ben Killip and Charlie Winfield made their debuts while there were first starts for Oli Shaw, Andy Dallas, Jack Shepherd and Theo Chapman.

Teenagers Jonathan Bland, 17, Vimal Yoganathan, 17, Harrison Nejman, 19, Nathan James, 18, and Fabio Jalo, 17, were on the bench along with new signing Kyran Lofthouse.

Very little happened in the early stages, with Tranmere’s Paul Lewis seeing a long-range shot go wide of the bottom left corner.

Tranmere took the lead in the 24th minute when, after a free-kick was played to the left, a deep cross by Joe Yarney was headed across goal by Tom Davies and Luke Norris nodded in almost on the line.

Lewis then headed a Regan Hendry corner wide minutes later.

Barnsley’s first chance arrived in the 29th minute when a cross was not cleared and Dallas’ shot from eight yards out was saved by veteran goalkeeper Joe Murphy. Jon Russell then headed over a corner by Herbie Kane who also curled over a free-kick.

Tranmere’s Regan Hendry burst into the box down the left but scuffed a shot into the side netting.

Kane levelled in first half injury-time when, after good work on the right of the box by Russell who pulled the ball back, he scuffed a shot into the ground and it looped up for Murphy to fumble into the net inexplicably.

Tranmere made a strong start to the second half and took the lead in the 47th minute. Sam Taylor headed a Jake Leake cross against the bar but got the ball back seconds later and curled into the top left corner from the edge of the box.

Barnsley responded well with Kane’s 20-yard shot forcing a save out of Murphy then Dallas went to ground with appeals for a penalty. Seconds later, Russell’s curler from the edge of the box was clawed out by Murphy.

But the Reds took most of their more experienced players off, giving debuts to Yoganathan and Lofthouse.

Barry Cotter saw a long-range shot easily saved then, at the other end, Killip made a smart stop with his legs after Harvey Saunders turned a low left-wing free-kick towards goal.

Kacper Lopata headed a Cotter free-kick wide in injury-time.

The equaliser came in the eighth added minute when, after a fine touch by Fabio Jalo, Winfield’s low cross was tapped in by a sliding Marsh almost on the goal line.

The youngsters celebrated wildly but had to refocus for the shoot-out.

Marsh missed the Reds’ first spot-kick but Killip made a fine save with his leg to save Tranmere’s fourth from Regan Hendry which appeared to cause the goalkeeper an injury. Jalo, Chapman, Nejman, Cotter, Killip and Lopata scored but Shepherd blazed over to put Tranmere through.

Barnsley (3-5-2): Killip; Williams (Lofthouse 62mins), Lopata, Shepherd; Cotter, Kane (Yoganathan 66), Russell (Nejman 62), Chapman, Winfield; Dallas (Jalo 66), Shaw (Marsh 82).

Unused: Roberts, Cadden, Marsh, James, Bland.

Yellow cards: Russell.

Goals: Kane 45+1, Marsh 90+8.

Tranmere (4-3-3): Murphy; McAlear Yarney, Davies, Leake; Morris (Hemmings 89mins, Lewis, Hendry; Taylor (Hawkes 64), Norris (Saunders 58mins), Dennis (Jennings 58).

Unused: McGee, O’Connor, Turnbull, Jolley, Merrie.

Goals: Norris 24, Taylor 47.

  • 7:48pm
    Barnsley have had most of the ball in the. opening few minutes but no real attacks yet
  • 7:50pm
    Tranmere have had a few ventures into the Barnsley box and both times it's been an important. touch by Williams which stopped them getting a shot away
  • 7:50pm
    Jon Russell gets an early yellow card for a foul about 35 yards from Barnsley's goal
  • 7:52pm
    Tranmere win a corner on the left
  • 7:53pm
    7 Kacper Lopata heads the corner out
  • 7:54pm
    Barnsley have passed the ball around quite well when they've had it but haven't broken through Tranmere. at the back yet
  • 7:56pm
    An uninspiring opening ten minutes with no chances at either end
  • 7:58pm
    12 A Tranmere shot is blocked by a defender and Killip rushes off his line to punch it away before an attacker can get to it
  • 7:58pm
    Tranmere are the side who are getting into the opponent's box and trying to shoot, but decent defending has denied them having a clear chance so far
  • 8:01pm
    15 Chapman has a shot blocked in the box after a Cotter long throw is cleared
  • 8:01pm
    16 Jordan Williams accidentally kicks the ball out of play for a Tranmere corner on the left
  • 8:02pm
    17 Tranmere's corner is headed out again by Lopata but the follow up cross is headed behind by Cotter for another corner
  • 8:03pm
    Two more crosses headed out by Cotter then Russell before Paul Lewis' shot from just outside the bot narrowly misses the bottom left corner,. Probably the closest the game has come to a chance
  • 8:07pm
    Nice pass by Kane out to Cotter who beats a man gets into the box and pulls the ball back but it is cleared
  • 8:08pm
    Jon Russell trips up a Tranmere player. He is going to have to be careful as he is on a booking. That would have. been a harsh yellow card but he can't keep doing that. Free-kick 30 yards out
  • 8:10pm
    Luke Norris opens the scoring
  • 8:11pm
    A free-kick worked to the left, deep cross, header across goal and nodded in on the line
  • 8:11pm
    Now Barry Cotter wins. a corner at the other en d after a good run
  • 8:11pm
    The corner is cleared but Barnsley win a throw on the left which Cotter will take long
  • 8:13pm
    Cotter throw cleared. Tranmere win a corner at the other end
  • 8:13pm
    28 Paul Lewis heads a left wing corner wide
  • 8:15pm
    Closest Barnsley have come. A cross is not cleared and breaks for Dallas six yards out on the right and. his shot is touched wide by Murphy . Russell then heads Kane's corner over
  • 8:17pm
    Closest Barnsley have come. A cross is not cleared and breaks for Dallas six yards out on the right and. his shot is touched wide by Murphy . Russell then heads Kane's corner over
  • 8:19pm
    Barnsley have been. much better since going behind. ;Lopata touches a corner towards goal by the goalkeeper gathers
  • 8:20pm
    Kacper Lopata is booked. No idea what for
  • 8:22pm
    Cotter once again bursts into the box down the right but his cross is caught by the goalkeeper
  • 8:25pm
    Tranmere's Regan Hendry bursts into the box from the left but slices a shot into the side netting
  • 8:27pm
    Barnsley put a good move together involving Kane, Russell and Dallas but Winfield's cross is blocked
  • 8:28pm
    Charlie Winfield goes down and is getting treatment
  • 8:30pm
    Winfield up and will continue.
  • 8:31pm
    Seven added minutes
  • 8:34pm
    Herbie Kane levels
  • 8:36pm
    Kane looks to have hit a 15-yard shot into the ground, it lofts up and somehow is spilled in by veteran goalkeeper Murphy. Good assist by Jon Russell who got in on the right of the box and pulled the ball back well
  • 8:39pm
    HALF-TIME: Barnsley 1, Tranmere 1
  • 8:55pm
  • 8:57pm
    Sam Taylor men's a fine goal into the top left corner from 20 yards
  • 8:58pm
    Tranmere had hit the bar seconds earlier, in a blistering start to the second half
  • 9:01pm
    Good response from the Reds. Shots from the edge of the box by Kane then Russell bring decent saves out of Murphy. And there was a penalty shout in there on Dallas
  • 9:06pm
    A decent Barnsley move from left to right ends in Kane scuffing a shot well. wide from just inside the box
  • 9:06pm
    Tranmere bring on Harvey Saunders and Connor Jennings for Kristian Dennis and Luke Norris
  • 9:08pm
    Debut for Kyran Lofthouse, replacing Jordan Williams. Harrison Nejman on for Jon Russell
  • 9:10pm
    Tranmere bring on Josh Hawkes for Sam Taylor, whose goal has them in fromnt
  • 9:12pm
    63. Good. run by Cotter inside from right wing past a couple. But his shot from 25 yards is straight at the goalkeeper who saves easily
  • 9:13pm
    64 Dallas played in on the right. His shot is deflected across goal for a corner
  • 9:13pm
    65 Kane's corner goes over everyone and out
  • 9:15pm
    Vimal Yoganathan comes on for his professional debut. Herbie Kane goes off. Fabio Jalo on for Dallas.
  • 9:17pm
    Barnsley have taken a series of their more experienced players off for youngsters, showing where this competition is on their list of priorities
  • 9:20pm
    Charlie Winfield corner cleared
  • 9:20pm
    This young Barnsley team is playing with energy, winning another corner now on the left
  • 9:21pm
    72 Cotter's corner headed out, put back in by Vimal Yoganathan then the goalkeeper catches
  • 9:25pm
    75 Tranmere corner on the left, taken by Regan Hendry. Headed out then Vimal blocks the follow up shot
  • 9:26pm
    Charlie Winfield concedes a free-kick on the left wing
  • 9:27pm
    77 Tranmere close to a third. A low left wing free-kick is turned towards goal by Harvey Saunders but Killip makes a good save with his legs
  • 9:31pm
    Aiden Marsh comes on for Oli Shaw
  • 9:34pm
    85 Jalo's free-kick from the right headed behind for corner
  • 9:35pm
    Kyran Lofthouse booked for ending a counter attack
  • 9:37pm
    Cotter's low cross is touch wide by Marsh at a very tight angle at the front post
  • 9:38pm
    Ex-Red Kane Hemmings come on, with Kieron Morris going off
  • 9:40pm
    Eight added minutes
  • 9:42pm
    90+2. Half chance for a leveller as Cotter's free-kick from the right is headed. wide. by Lopata
  • 9:47pm
    Aiden Marsh levels in the 98th minute
  • 9:49pm
    Excellent touch by Jalo to Winfield, low cross, sliding finish. Full-time. Pens. Well done youngsters. Great character and some quality
  • 9:49pm
    FULL-TIME: Barnsley 2, Tranmere 2. Penalty shoot-out
  • 9:53pm
    Josh Hawkes first up for Tranmere. Scores high after stuttering run up
  • 9:53pm
    Aiden Marsh misses. 1-0
  • 9:54pm
    Connor Jennings scores. 2-0 Tranmere on pens
  • 9:55pm
    Fabio Jalo scores. 2-1 Tranmere after two pens each
  • 9:55pm
    Ex-Red Kane Hemmings scores. 3-1 Tranmere
  • 9:56pm
    Theo Chapman scores high. 3-2 after three pens each
  • 9:57pm
    Regan Hendry MISSES. Top save. by Killip with foot. Still 3-2.
  • 9:57pm
    Harrison Nejman scores. 3-3 . after four pens each
  • 9:58pm
    Reece McAlear scores past an injured Killip. 4-3.
  • 9:59pm
    Barry Cotter scores. 4-4 after five pens each,. Sudden death
  • 9:59pm
    Harvey Saunders scores. 5-4
  • 10:00pm
    Kacper Lopata scores. 5-5 after six pens each
  • 10:01pm
    Josh Leake scores. 6-5
  • 10:01pm
    Goalkeeper Killip makes it 6-6 after seven each
  • 10:02pm
    Paul Lewis finds the bottom left corner. 7-6
  • 10:02pm
    Jack Shepherd blazes over. Tranmere win 7-6 on pens