MUCH has changed since Robert Barr was born at Cawthorne’s Cinderhill Farm in 1931, but his passion for the agricultural industry has never wavered.

Robert has gone through nine decades of change - and although much harder now, he told the Chronicle his love for farming is still the same now as it was in the past.

The 91-year-old was presented with the Freedom of the Parish at a special event last night in Cawthorne.

Professor Dame Hilary Chapman, the Lord-Lieutenant of South Yorkshire, bestowed the honour upon Robert.

He’s only the second-ever person to receive the highest honour of the area - and he says he couldn’t be any more proud of where he comes from.

Although the title brings with it no real powers, it used to mean you were able to walk your farm animals - particularly sheep - through the town centre on a market day.

This might not be useful to many people any more - but it’s something Robert said he would have loved to have been able to do.

“It would have been a lot better,” he said.

“You just take every day as it comes now.

“The award is never something I’ve ever really given any thought to.

“I guess it’s an accolade from the whole community which is nice.”

Cinderhill Farm is the home of the town’s biggest music festival, Underneath The Stars - an event that makes locals feel proud of their hometown.

And Robert, who has lived on the farm his entire life, said he’s never felt any reason to leave the area.

“I’ve always lived in Cawthorne and I’m proud to be from here,” he added.

“I’ve always been a farmer and it is something I’d like to continue.

“It’s an interesting occupation and I’ve always enjoyed doing it.

“It’s changed a lot in the last 91 years and it is difficult to make a living.

“All being well it’s an industry we’ll be able to carry on with.”

Parish Coun Stephen Eyre nominated Robert for the the honour.

He said: “Robert was born at Cinderhill Farm in 1931 and has lived and farmed there all his life, recognised amongst the farming community for his high quality dairy and beef cattle.

“Robert served on Cawthorne Parish Council for over 40 years, renowned for his passion in preserving the historic character of the village and its flora and fauna.

“He has been a trustee of Cawthorne Recreation Ground and Cawthorne ‘Old Number Ten Club’ for many years and is a member of the County Landowner Association.”