I don’t mind admitting that I’d got myself into a right bit of a flap. In other words, I’d got my knickers in a right twist, in fact no one’s knickers could have been twisted more than mine were. I was so worried about the tea, coffee and cake event.

So much hard work had been put into it. So many kind donations were made, and all I could think was. What if no one comes?

I literally had sleepless nights over the last couple of weeks. I called back to various places to pick up donations for our tombola going from one place to another, I would like to describe myself like a busy little bee gently fluttering from one flower to another, but the truth is I was more like some deranged mad woman, dashing here and there stopping only to catch my breath. I sometimes think that I cause stress for myself that really isn’t there. But amongst all this racing around. I did find time to talk with some lovely people. And me being me, had to have a coffee whenever I got the chance.

Now it so happened that me and Pete had called into the Asda to collect a donation. Well, it wasn’t ready so to kill some time we sat and had a coffee. But there’s only so long I can sit without getting itchy feet. (Not literally) so I announced to Pete that I was just going for a little wander around the shop, and that he could sit in the café and wait, which he looked quite relieved about.

Now this is just typical me. As I’m aimlessly wandering about, I spied in the garden sale area a hammock. Yes, that’s right, a hammock. I made a beeline straight for it, dodging in and out of the other shopper’s trolleys. Oh, I was certainly a woman on a mission, and no one was going to stop me, that hammock had my name written all over it “Oh!” I exclaimed quite loudly “I’ve always wanted a hammock.” I touched the box lovingly and whispered, “You’re mine.” Now Pete knows fully that to let me loose on my own is never a good idea, but he did, didn’t he?

I sent him a text thinking that he too would be overcome with the same excitement as me. I wanted to share my find with him. I wanted to share just how thrilled I was. I knew deep down to my socks that he’d feel the same. The text said. ‘I have found a hammock in the garden sale area, have I to get it?’ I don’t think I really grasped the message he sent back. It was so blunt. “No!” it said then he sent another which read ‘Do Not Move I am coming to find you.’

Okay, I thought I had to think on my feet and move quickly because I didn’t like the tone of that message. I ran and got a trolley and was quick as a flash. I had half managed to lift the hammock in when he popped around the corner. I had to move fast because everyone knows that once something is in the trolley it's yours. There was no way that I was going home without it.

I felt rather chuffed with myself all the way home, although Mr grumpy did seem a little bit quiet. I can’t imagine why. I’d only gone into the Asda to pick up a fruit basket and two coffees later I was leaving with a beautiful donation and my hammock. Oh happy days…yes!