POLICE officers across Barnsley are cracking down on ‘selfish’ drink-drivers as part of their latest summer campaign - after figures revealed dozens of people were injured or killed on the town’s roads over the latest two-year period.

Force bosses have said that drink and drug driving is an ‘all-year-round’ issue in Barnsley, with officers stopping drivers who are behind the wheel in an unfit state every day.

In a bid to clamp down on those drivers, officers are reinforcing the anti-drink and drug drive message by carrying out roadside breath tests and drug swipes.

Officers will conduct the tests in random areas across the town over the next week.

Inspector Pete Heginbotham said: “No-one thinks they’re going to kill anyone, no-one thinks they’re going to get caught, but the reality is you could.

“It happens - if you’re fortunate enough to not be involved in a collision, you’re still at risk of facing up to six months in prison, an unlimited fine and a driving ban.

“Those few seconds can change your life and the lives of others.

“We’re here to ensure everyone returns home after travelling on the road network across South Yorkshire.

“Don’t drink and drive.

“Don’t take drugs and drive.

“Plan ahead, book a taxi, ask a friend who hasn’t been drinking, or use public transport.

“If you see someone who you believe is drink or drug driving, please immediately report to us.”

South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) bosses have also backed the scheme.

They have urged people to remember that the only safe amount of drink when driving is zero.

A spokesperson said: “Even though there is a legal limit to how much alcohol can be in a person’s system before they can drive, it is impossible to say how many drinks or units it will take to reach it.
( “It all depends on how much you’ve eaten, your weight, your metabolism - there are just so many variables.
( “There is also no way of knowing how long it will take for alcohol to be processed by your body meaning it is possible to still be over the legal limit the following day.
( “The reality is that there is no safe limit for the amount of alcohol or drugs you can have before driving or riding.”(