A CHILDREN’S football team have been supporting their local community by organising their own litter-picking operations.

Wombwell Main Blues’ under-eights have only recently started playing, but have undoubtedly managed to make a difference to their area.

Steph Mills, mother of one of the players - seven-year-old Ryder Mills - told the Chronicle: “They really wanted to start as they mean to go on.

“Obviously football teams have got to ask for sponsors and support but before they did they decided to do something without asking for anything back.

“They’re supporting their local community and sprucing up the places they play.”

The boys didn’t let their competitive side drop when it came to their charitable work however, and started seeing who could get the most collected by the end of the day.

“They ended up with about ten bags,” Steph added.

“We thought it might be a bit of chore but they absolutely loved it.

“They’ve now got more planned.”