PLANS to build almost 50 new houses in Staincross are set to be pushed through despite serious concerns from local residents and councillors - after the site was initially earmarked to extend a popular park.

At next Tuesday’s planning meeting, councillors will discuss the plans to erect 45 properties on Paddock Road in Staincross.

The site, close to Mapplewell Park, was previously predominantly grassland though the site was cleared prior to the application being submitted.

The report states: “Large housing developers usually have a standard set of house types that they put forward on their developments. In this case the applicant is a local small housing developer who has put forward a very bespoke mix of housing that includes 25 different house types.

“These house types range in size from one bed apartments through to a six-bed dwelling although the majority of properties either three or four bed units.

“The properties also range in height from single storey bungalows to two-and-a-half storey dwellings.

“Access into the site would be off Paddock Road utilising an access that was created for a small development of three properties,

“This access would lead through the development with properties accessed directly off it or from private drives leading off the main access.

“There are four areas of open space throughout the development site with various tree planting also proposed.”

A total of 46 letters of objection have been submitted to the council, particularly related to the impact on local amenities and the destruction of wildlife.

Concerns over highway safety and the traffic on Paddock Road, where it’s reported that cars are already speeding, are also mentioned in the report.

Coun Steve Hunt, who represents the Darton East ward, has also raised his concerns which echo that of local residents.

The site had been earmarked as an extension to Mapplewell Park - but it will now instead be used for the housing development.

“I have lots of concerns regarding these plans and so do many residents - I appreciate that this land was allocated for housing in the 2019 local plan, but there are numerous issues with building here,” he said.

“The proposed highways access is from Paddock Road - a quiet residential street which is already prone to issues with ‘rat-running’.

“Residents of Paddock Road have been calling for traffic calming measures for years and in 2021 a petition on this was signed by 239 people.

“The extension of Mapplewell Park and aiming for Green Flag status was a great idea - frankly the low number of Green Flag parks in the Barnsley borough is shameful, and the council should be working to improve this, not limiting this possibility by building on our precious green spaces.”

Only one letter of support was submitted to the council.

The report states however that there will be no ‘adverse effect’ on the highway network should the plans, as they are set to, be approved on Tuesday.

It added: “It is acknowledged that a lot of the objectors have raised highway safety and the impact on the surrounding roads as a concern from this development.

“The transport assessment determines that there is no significant adverse impact on the existing highway network.

“The nearest road junction likely to be affected would be the Paddock Road/Shaw Lane junction.

“Based on the development traffic consisting of just 12 two-way trips at the junction during the peak hours, it is considered that the development would not have a significant impact on the operation of this junction.

“The impact at junctions further from the site is negligible, it would therefore be difficult to justify the need for any highway improvements/schemes for the level of development proposed.”

Developers will also only have to set aside around £260,000 as part of a Section 106 agreement - funds set aside to support local amenities.

This includes £160,000 to local schools, £32,250 for sustainable travel and £73,236 for a new open space.