AN allotment holder in Monk Bretton has been left ‘terrified’ after a series of break-ins.

The allotments on Lamb Lane have recently been targeted, with vandals returning five nights in a row from September 15.

Latest invasions came after a previous spate earlier in the year, leaving holders feeling unsafe.

Together the allotment holders have been helping to rebuild what’s been damaged, with most doors and fences having been reconstructed reasonably quickly - however they are still calling for more measures to protect the land.

Brian Chambers, 67, who helps out with his 73-year-old sister Kathleen Lawson’s allotment, told the Chronicle: “What they’ve done is hit the locks off and removed the clasps completely on all allotments.

“They’re not taking much - they’re coming in, taking certain tools then just ripping the doors off the allotments and throwing everything around.

“I don’t get it - there’s nothing worth pinching.”

Despite the fact that each allotment is individually locked, and the entire site is locked overnight, the vandals have been finding a way through to cause damage.

This has had a serious impact on Brian’s sister, who regularly visited the allotments now she’s retired.

“When she comes down she’s been terrified, even in the daytime,” Brian added.

“Strangers have been coming in, people who have nothing to do with the allotment.”

One holder, who chose to remain anonymous, has even had his crops destroyed.

He said: “I’ve had a toolbox and a bread knife taken, that’s all they got of mine.

“Obviously we used to come down, have a sandwich, everyone made a cup of tea - they’ve taken the knife my wife used to cut the teacakes.

“They’ve then used a hammer to smash my pumpkins and knock over my fence.”