A POLICE chief ‘doesn’t agree’ that owners of a controversial dog breed are the problem.

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings spoke out about so-called XL bully dogs ahead of a government ban on the breed.

Following a spate of attacks, the government announced a ban on the breed, which led to protests from owners who claim their dogs are safe and irresponsible owners are the issue.

Dr Billings said ‘the aggression and power of the dogs is part of their allure’.

He added: “I have been contacted by organisations concerned with animal welfare who have told me that my concerns are mistaken.

“They said it is not the dog but the owner that is the problem but I don’t agree.

“When I see the figures of dog incidents locally and the percentage of the XL bully, it cannot just be about poor dog training, it is also about the breed.

“I certainly wouldn’t want to live next door to one.”