THE DESIGNER of Barnsley’s opinion-splitting home kit says it has the potential to be more iconic than the club’s previous ‘simple’ shirts and would like work with the Reds again.

The American fashion-designer Colm Dillane, whose brand is KidSuper, created the star-studded home strip, which has split opinion in the fanbase and been covered by various news organisations.

Dillane told the Chronicle: “The jersey is as good as they play.

“It stands out. If you win, it becomes a really big deal.

“If they win in an all red kit, no one gives a f*** about that kit.

“If they win in this you are like ‘OK this gave us something.’

“That’s my point when people say it’s too loud.

“It has the potential to be iconic.”

Some fans reacted negatively when the kit was first unveiled.

Dillane said: “No matter what we were going to do, there would be love and hate.

“I could have gone super simple.

“Your last jerseys were simple. This is expressing yourself. I don’t think a blank red jersey stands for anything.

“I saw an article about football kits and Barnsley were mentioned next to Real Madrid and Barcelona. People have been talking about the club.

“For those that hate it, f*** you man’.”

He added: “But I like good banter and getting roasted.

“I think it’s all good fun.”

Despite the mixed reaction, Dillane hopes to get the chance to work with the club again.

He said: “I would definitely like to work with Barnsley again.

“I think I have a redemption story for some of the fans who didn’t like this jersey.”

The kit is an homage to the 1989/90 season when the Reds were sponsored by Shaw Carpets and had a similar kit.

This time the sponsor is US Mobile.

Dillane said: “The stars are obviously quite big.

“I didn’t know the logo would be like it is.

“It’s like an American flag and I am American.

“If I could pick, I would want Shaw Carpets back but they need to sell more carpets.

“But I like it.

“I think it’s cool and, if you know the history, it’s even cooler.

“Jerseys are to remember a certain time and moment. It’s to have some fun.

“I grew up playing football.

“So now seeing people wearing a kit I designed is a dream come true.”

Dillane began working with Barnsley after being contacted by Reds director Julie Anne Quay whose background is also in fashion.

“JAQ become involved in the club then reached out to me.

“In the fashion world, I am known as the number one soccer fan or player – in that very specific world. Any time there becomes a football opportunity, I jump at it.

“I had made a soccer boot for Hector Bellerin (former Arsenal and Spain player) and other products.”

Dillane joined in the opening section of training with the first team earlier in the season during a visit to Oakwell.

He had played football as a teenager for a year in Brazil then also in college in America.

“It was super fun coming to play a little bit and meeting the staff and seeing how it’s run.

“I have told the coaches they should sign me.

“I am willing to take the lowest salary or even pay to play.”