ALMOST 75 years after its original unveiling the memorial board commemorating Holgate Grammar School pupils who lost their lives in World War Two has been rededicated.

The board, which has found a new home at Shaw Lane Sports Club, was originally placed in the old grammar school back in 1948.

It lists the nearly 100 pupils who gave their lives in service of the nation, and their names were recited by students annually each Armistice Day.

After a nine-year struggle following the school’s closure in 2012, a group of dedicated locals brought it back into public view at Shaw Lane Sports Club, not far from where it originally hung.

Yesterday, the names of those brave soldiers were recited and remembered at an impressive rededication service held in the Griffin Suite at the club.

With veterans, former pupils of Holgate Grammar and local schoolchildren in attendance, the day was a fitting memorial, making sure that no soldier is forgotten.

Founder of the Barnsley War Memorials Project, Jane Ainsworth, who worked tirelessly to bring the board out of storage, told the Chronicle: “It’s gone very well, I’m very pleased with it all.

“When I came across the memorial in storage at Horizon Community College I instantly felt that it should be on display.

“We also wanted to get younger people involved because they’re the next generation who are going to be hosting memorial services so it’s been good getting them involved now.

“There’s a good buzz, a lot of old boys were very interested and it’s brought them out and back together.”

Also in attendance was Horace Jarvis, a retired teacher at the school who now at 94 made the trip to see the board once again.

He added: “It was a very dignified service.

“It always surprises me to see how many people died in World War Two.”