HORIZON Community College has earned a ‘nearly impossible’ response from their latest Ofsted inspection.

The secondary school on Dodworth Road received an ungraded section eight inspection early last month, after being graded ‘good’ in their previous inspection in 2014.

An ungraded inspection is meant to assess whether a school has maintained its quality and highlight any minor areas for improvement.

For Horizon, however, Ofsted provided no comments for improvement, adding that if graded now the school might be ‘outstanding’.

Principal Claire Huddart told the Chronicle: “This is such a big compliment for us.

“Ofsted said that we’re outstanding in every area - only about three per cent of schools get this.

“It’s nearly impossible.

“We work to make sure all children are included and none are lost in the system.

“It’s a busy school, but it’s vibrant.”