CAMPAIGNERS were grateful for the strong winds last Monday as it delayed the removal of a treasured tree.

The sycamore tree, located behind a row of houses on Shaw Lane and Lancaster Street, has stood throughout generations and become a beloved part of the local skyline.

But a new homeowner on Shaw Lane applied to remove the tree as part of a renovation project - spurring locals into action.

Campaigner Peter Giles told the Chronicle: “This has been a part of the landscape for the whole life of my children.

“There was this racket while they were trying to get rid of it - I went to stand underneath it because thanks to health and safety it would mean they had to stop working.

“Thankfully the winds came and it became too difficult to carry on working.”

Peter contacted the council to try and get a tree protection order put in place, however as work had already begun he was informed that it was too late.

“There’s a bird nest in that tree that has been there since my kids were teens,” he added.

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“They’ve written stories about this and watched them return every year.

“It’s in good health and endured all the storms but because it’s annoying the owners it’s going.

“Lots of us are livid.”