A YOUNG boy with terminal cancer had his ‘dream come true’ last week as he visited South Yorkshire Police’s Ring Farm in Cudworth.

Ely Fearnley, aged three, has a terminal, incurable brain tumour - but has a love for all things the police.

After being diagnosed with his brain tumour last year, he has been making memories with his friends and family - and last week he travelled to Cudworth to meet with some of his heroes.

During their visit, Ely and his older brother Guy sat in the horse box and a traffic car, putting on the lights and making lots of noise with the sirens.

Sergeant Tracey Spratt, who organised Ely’s visit said: “We feel extremely privileged to have met Ely and to have welcomed him and his family to Ring Farm.

“Seeing the joy brought to Ely’s face was a heart-warming.

“He is such a sweet boy, whose smile and courageous charisma could light up the world.

“We hope he’s able to make more fond memories with his family.”

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His mum, Vicki, added: “We had an absolutely lovely morning, it really was great. Ely has really enjoyed it, particularly the car.

“He loved it when they put the sirens on and the blue lights as he loves anything sensory related.”

Ely was given a warrant card to show the force’s commitment to him being part of the SYP family, and officers presented him with a police teddy bear.