JUNIOR doctors at Barnsley Hospital have been on strike this week - and they’re planning the longest walk-out in NHS history in the new year.

The British Medical Association (BMA) union recently rejected an offer for junior doctors worth an extra three per cent on average a year.

This is on top of an 8.8 per cent rise that had already been approved.

The junior doctors at Barnsley Hospital went on strike at 7am on Wednesday, and the industrial action will continue until 7am tomorrow.

They will then head to the picket line once again on January 3 for six days - the longest walk-out in the history of the NHS.

It coincides with what is traditionally one of the NHS’s busiest periods, with emergency services often under huge strain.

The breakdown in talks comes after five weeks of negotiations during which industrial action had been suspended.

The BMA wants a 35 per cent pay uplift, to make up for what it says have been below-inflation rises since 2008.

A spokesperson for the South West Yorkshire Partnership said: “The care and safety of people who use our services is our highest priority, and it is important that people continue to use our services when they need them.

“You will be contacted directly by your healthcare team if your appointment needs to be changed.

“If you have not been contacted, please continue to attend as planned.

“To help us continue giving high quality safe care to everyone, some of the usual activities our services provide may be limited during this time.

If you have any questions, please speak to your healthcare team.”