A YEAR six pupil at Jump Primary School spent two months making personal Christmas stockings for youngsters in his class.

Ten-year-old Huw Hyde has made it an annual tradition to bring in presents from his classmates and has made everything from Lego baubles to Christmas crackers.

This year he’s gone above and beyond, dedicating two months of his own time to craft gifts.

Assistant headteacher of the school, Dale Schofield, told the Chronicle: “He turned up on Tuesday with a sack of stockings for everyone in year six.

“He’s created these design stencils, cut them out and sewn them all together - each one is personalised and has a tag with the pupil’s name on.

“Outside of school he’s quite active too, so he’s really organised himself well to get this all done.”

The creative pupil was happy to see everyone’s response, and Dale explained that this is ‘just the kind of person Huw is’.

“It’s such a great thing to do and demonstrates immense kindness and generosity,” he added.

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“He really enjoyed it too, he said he just likes to do nice things for the class.”