Whether you like the New Year or not, here it is again.

I have to admit that I’m not a fan of the new year celebrations, and tend to stay at home, nice and warm, PJs on eating and having a drink of my choice. I do see in the new year but I’m always slightly relieved when I wake up on the 1st of January and it’s all over.

I know, I know I’m such a grinch. This year I have decided that I am not making any New year resolutions. I can’t see the point, I never keep to them. Every year people all over make promises to themselves. “This year I will lose Blah, blah amounts of weight. This year I will give up chocolate. I mean who in their right mind would say such a thing? This year I will travel more. This year…this year. And the lists go on.

I’ve done it every year. I have made those very same promises knowing full well that I won’t do any of them. I know exactly what I should and shouldn’t be doing. I just don’t have the willpower to stay on the right track.

Yes, I still have my goal to lose weight and get fitter, but if I say that I will never touch a slice of cake again, well I think we all know that that won’t happen. I think that there’s more chance of hell freezing over first. And I’m not going to give up alcohol, because the truth is, that I enjoy the odd drink. So, I have decided that I am not giving up anything, but I will try to indulge in all the lovely things in moderation. So instead of guzzling down that full bar of chocolate, I shall try to savour it and put some aside for later, although later is ten minutes for me.

I think that this year I would like to take my foot off the gas pedal, before I have a total burn out. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But for me it’s a lot harder than you may think. Over the years I always seem to fill my time with something. It’s almost as though I can’t have spare time to just sit and relax. but I am going to make damn sure that I do. Easier said than done I know. Life isn’t about dashing here and there and missing the important bits in between. It’s about slowing down. Having a drink of coffee and just watching the world go by. Sitting in bed until whatever time, reading my book.

It’s about looking and listening to what’s around me and just slowly drinking in life itself. And that is exactly what I’m going to try and do.

So, with that I would like to wish everyone a very healthy and peaceful 2024. And may love surround you all. X