ISOLATED pensioners who have been ‘cut off’ from their daily tasks following changes to bus services have urged the town’s MPs to step in to save their independence.

Residents in the Kingstone ward have expressed their disappointment at Stagecoach for axing services and reducing frequency rates in October - something which they say has left those in no need with no choice but to use taxis to get into the town centre.

Service 22 was replaced by the new 22a and 22c, but at reduced times and locations, residents say.

Ronnie Steele called on MPs to protect the rights of Broadway residents in particular.

“The senior citizens of the Broadway area of Barnsley have been completely abandoned by the private bus company, Stagecoach,” he said.

“The Broadway estates were built in the 1960s to provide social housing, largely for the elderly and infirm.

“Up until recently four buses per hour served the area; now there are none.

“Therefore, many vulnerable Broadway folk now feel isolated because they’re unable to afford the taxi fares to go into town to shop, to visit the doctors, hospital, public library or cinema.

“The only alternative to using taxis is for the elderly to make a half-mile trek to Kingstone or Pogmoor for the nearest bus stop on another bus route.

“I want to make an appeal to Barnsley Council and local MPs - if Stagecoach cannot guarantee a regular, reliable service for the people of our town, then they should be stripped of the franchise.

“Better still, the council should be agitating for the complete re-nationalisation of public transport so that it reverts to a proper public service instead of a private enterprise money-spinner.”

While Racecommon Road was previously accessible via route 43 and 44, the latest changes replaced most of those services with the 22a and 22c.

Members of nearby St Edward’s Church have also criticised Stagecoach’s decision to alter its services.

Julia Gill, who lives in Worsbrough, added: ‘I am incensed at this lack of understanding the situation.

“How can a pensioner with walking disabilities possibly walk to catch the 22a or 22c?

“As a pensioner do this walk many times and it is neither easy or safe.”

Passengers have called for South Yorkshire’s services to be brought back into public ownership but associated costs would be high, according to Barnsley Council leader Sir Steve Houghton.

It is estimated that it would cost at least £23m to replace all the services that bus companies removed in 2023.

A Stagecoach spokesperson said: “On October 29, following discussions with SYMCA, the 22 was replaced by the new 22a and 22c providing new direct links to Barnsley Hospital and providing up to four buses an hour between Barnsley town centre and Gilroyd through the day.

“The 22a and 22c serve areas where there is demand from passengers allowing our buses to serve as many people as possible in the community whilst maintaining a sustainable service.

“Passengers can catch the 22a and 22c from Dodworth Road which is a short walk from St Edward’s Church.

“More information about service changes can be found at”