CANON Keith Farrow is making the leap from the pulpit to the pub as he mixes his own fundraising cocktail.

The vicar spent Thursday evening behind the bar of the Comrades Club in Cawthorne - known as the Top Club - serving his Prosecco-based ‘Canon on the Roof’ cocktail.

On the night, 50p from each cocktail purchase was donated to the Cawthorne All Saints’ Church to support their ongoing roof repairs, which have been facing increased complications.

He told the Chronicle: “It was a fabulous evening.

“We raised £350 for the roof and served 83 cocktails.

“A lot of people told me it was delicious and a few had more than one, so I guess the proof is in the eating.

“At the end of the night we all sang the 12 days of Christmas as well as you can after 83 cocktails.”

The new addition to the club’s menu was designed by Keith’s friend, mixologist John Holding, who was given the church theme and told to make it ‘cheap and cheerful’.

While the clergyman admits he’s ‘no Tom Cruise’, this move brought him back to his roots as he comes from three generations of Barnsley pub landlords.

“My parents lived in a pub when I was born so I’ve always been comfortable in that environment,” he added.

“I think people can be nervous going into a church, but not a pub - I want to make people feel that same level of comfort.

“I’ve got to thank the community for their support - it’s clear from everything I’ve seen that the church is important to people whether they regularly attend or not.”