ALMOST two dozen student police officers have joined the force over the last six months - but bosses have said it’s ‘not enough’ to counter the loss of officers through retirement and resignations.

A total of 23 students officers have started their first year in Barnsley over the last six months, with a further 20 officers confirmed to take up roles in the future.

But a report, which will be discussed by police bosses next week, admits that the number isn’t high enough.

“Although this boost in officers is welcomed to the district, it hasn’t been enough to counter the natural loss of officers through retirement, external/internal transfers, and resignations.

“The Barnsley command team are monitoring this closely and with ongoing scrutiny to ensure our resources stay at a level that allows us to continue to provide an exceptional service to the public.

“The new year projects further officers starting at district, with a cohort of nine students starting within the first quarter of the year.

“A further seven officers will be starting their third year of their student journey and completing this within the district.

“From March 2024 onwards, there is a steady stream of students being assigned to district or being confirmed as substantive.

“This will increase the districts capability and allow for us to continue with an enhanced service to the public.”